I Want A Play Room For The Girls

Parenting has taught me a lot about myself. That I have more patience than I thought I did, that children teach you new things every day and that it is relentless. I’ve also learnt that I hate tripping over and sharing my space with lots of toys.

My biggest house goal dream would be to have a dedicated room for all of their wonderful toys to live in. When we moved to our current home nearly three years ago, I was thrilled to have an extra room in our downstairs. We previously had an open plan living and kitchen area and this was the only space for us all to use.

It was important for me that our living room would become an adult-only space with zero toys, so our dining room became a multi-functional playroom and dining area.

Putting all the toys in one spot can help stop you from feeling like your entire house is a glorified soft play or toy shop! I believe that giving your child their own place to play, allows them to be freely creative with no need to put anything away at the end of each day. You can simply shut the door on the chaos.

We are very lucky that our girls have nicely sized bedrooms and an extra space downstairs to fill with toys but I dream of having an extension on our downstairs area. Hopefully, creating a large open plan kitchen with dining space and then to have a separate space specifically for my girls to have as a chill-out zone full of their belongings.

Even by adding a conservatory onto our home, I think it would make a world of difference to our family dynamics. My favourite things to do is dream, draw out plans of our I want to turn our home into the perfect space to raise our family, even things like finding out what adding conservatory costs are all part of the fun in daydreaming.

The idea for my home to be reclaimed, for me to have a more grown-up space in my living room and relax without being surrounded by the clutter of toys brings so much joy to my world. Clutter has the power to stress me out.

But the benefits for my daughters to have a space they could personalise and design just for them. A place they can hide away in after school and let their imaginations run wild. It would be a dream come true!


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