“I want to be back at CenterParcs”

We’ve had a little holiday to CenterParcs Longleat and it was certainly needed. I managed to pack clothes for all four of us into one large suitcase plus a little suitcase for random bits and toiletries. P1 packed a rucksack of toys by herself and then helped me pack P2s hamper with her toys.20140309-091357 pm.jpgP2 found the whole packing process very emotional which made getting ready rather difficult and upsetting for everyone. It’s hard for a 13month old to comprehend why Daddy was coming and going, why clothes were being packed away and toys disappearing leaving the lounge feeling a little bare. The girls slept for a good hour and a half of the two hour journey. Both waking as we approached CenterParcs entrance!

We stayed in a Woodland Lodge which was bigger than our own house!! I always love going on holiday as everything is tidy and fresh which makes everything feel relaxed.

Our time in Longleat went so quickly. We crammed it with swimming, a meal at the pancake house and P1 had a nice bike ride. We went down to the beachy area by the lake, played some golf and had lunch in the sports cafe. Of course the little break away wouldn’t have been complete without a day out to Longleat Safari Park.

Now we are back to reality I’m certainly feeling the holiday blues. Staring at the mountains of washing I need to put away, the piles I need to wash and the general housework that needs doing is getting me down. I want to be back at CenterParcs with not a care in the world. Watching the girls play in the fresh air and being happy.

I suppose there’s always next year. Plus, I can’t go away that often it seems as my blog stats have certainly decreased from my lack of signal and ability to blog with ease whilst away! Here’s some of our best photos…DSC_0904 DSC_0912 DSC_0929 DSC_0973 DSC_0994 DSC_1045 DSC_1077 DSC_1120 DSC_1156Please sponsor my Bliss Charity 5k Buggy Push in June 2014 here

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