“I want to cherish everything”

When your first baby comes along, the newborn bubble that we plop ourselves comfortably in lasts forever. There’s no rush to get out the house. The 6 week marker comes and goes. You realise you haven’t showered in three or four days, you certainly only ventured out of bed for the loo or to grab food.

This was sort of the account for P1 although it couldn’t have been more different really, she was in hospital for 4 weeks, I had to venture out, maybe I didn’t shower for a few days but I was always there from 7/8am until late at night. Our days began like the above from 4 weeks on.


Then P2 came along, my second baby and things were different. I was sitting in a soft play area within the first week. I was dropping P1 to nursery. I was sitting round my Nans. However, I did have days where I’d get back from the nursery run and sleep at every opportunity. I’d lay in front of the telly with P2 in my arms snoozing away. This went on for months, over a year… Ok I’ll be honest 20 months. Just after P3 arrived.

Things had to change. My lap certainly isn’t big enough for two snoozing babies snuggled up to me. I became squished for that hour underneath a sea of limbs and snores for about a month. Our nighttime routine had become hubby sleeping on the girls bedroom floor with me rocking a screaming colicky baby for hours, which woke P2 and vice versa.


Obviously things had to change and they have. P2 naps in her bed upstairs every nap time. She actually asks to go to bed sometimes even when I offer to snuggle her on the sofa. And this has helped with bedtime dramatically. I rarely go in to her at night, she rarely wakes up. But have things really changed?!

P3 has replaced her sister. She spends nearly every moment of her day in my arms. Occasionally she’ll be in the sling for a nap and even less occasionally she’ll be in the bouncer. Her awake times are spent on her play mat or chatting with one of us.

It’s becoming extremely difficult to juggle everything when I nearly always have P3 in my arms. I want to be able to give her 3/4hourly feeds, put her down in the SnuzPod for a nap and get on with stuff. I know that’s what I should be doing! I know it’s what I should have done with P2 too. But I thought she was my last baby, and now P3 really is and I want to cherish everything.

Did you routine? If so what was your daily day like?


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  1. I had a routine with mine – I kept breaking it though.

    Lizzie Dripping

  2. We don’t really have a routine in the ‘sleep in a cot’ sense either. With Bubby D and with Little B, slings have been our friends and I just get on with whatever we’re doing with baby attached.

    Now Little B is 10 months and a lot more active, she isn’t keen on the baby carrier so much and her napping has changed too – she won’t sleep on me any more. In some ways I felt, like you, that perhaps I should have instigated some routine or other but she is growing so quickly and already my baby is turning into a toddler. I want to make the most of these days while they’re still here 🙂

  3. I done a routine with my first but while breastfeeding my youngest i couldn’t manage a routine but she is 2 soon and we are slowing falling into one


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