“I was a new mum to a premature baby at just the age of 16”

When I was pregnant with P1 I was expecting to have her in February 2009. She had other plans. Eager to meet her family and be introduced into the very scary world, P1 arrived in December 2008 just in time for Christmas, Christmas Eve! She weighed 4lbs 13oz which was a really good weight considering she was nearly two months early.

Not only did I have to navigate the emotions of becoming a new mum but I was a new mum to a premature baby at just the age of 16 myself. It was horrifying. I had no idea what the future was about to have in store for me, whether my tiny baby laying helpless in the incubator, strapped up to wires and breathing machinery, would make the next 24 hours or the next.

What made things even worse was the arrogance of the medical staff that looked after her at Southend Hospital. Their lack of support and ability to inform me of my daughters progress was appalling and I found myself turning to the internet for the information I was desperate to know! Would my girl survive?!

I felt very alone whilst I sat next to P1s incubator, watching her sleep the day away, watching the nurses come and go checking something?! Hearing the beeping of P1s monitors and other premature babies and not really knowing what was happening and whether it was normal. That’s when I found Bliss.

Bliss gave me the support and information I needed to be able to get through 27 days of visiting my preemie baby in hospital. They couldn’t tell me that she would or wouldn’t survive, and they certainly couldn’t tell me exactly how P1 was doing but the information from the website and their message boards was enough!

Last year I joined in with a Bliss Buggy Push and it really inspired me to organise my own walk in my local town this year. So that’s exactly what I’ve done and it’s happening on 1st June 2014. Now I don’t expect you all to arrive to support me, although I’d be honoured if you did, but I would love it if you could support me through sponsorship or donations. I want to raise £250 so I really need your help!!

For those who would love to participate I’m asking for £4 per adult, £2 per child and free for infants in buggies. We’ll be walking 5km (just over 3miles) around a beautiful setting of the National Trusts, Knole Park where we’ll most likely see lots of deer and get to enjoy the wonderful grounds. All you have to do is share the fundraising page to grab your friends attention and raise more sponsorship and then turn up. Please visit the Facebook page to keep up to date with the news.

This is also a plea for any businesses/companies/brands that would like to donate some prizes so that I can hold a competition on the day for the best dressed buggy. If you’d like to help Bliss by helping me, then please email me using my contact page.


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