“I was always rubbish at doing homework on time”

When I look back on my school years, I was quite academic. I actually enjoyed school and the topics I found interesting I did well in like Art. But I was always rubbish at doing homework on time. I’d get so many lunch time detentions or after school ones because of homework related issues. I generally suffer with organisation so when P1 started school I was worried I would jeopardise her education by being pretty disorganised.

I did quite well for P1 in reception. Her school trips and swimming were paid on time. We read her book every night and filled in her home diary. Her uniform and hair was always neat with polished shoes. I’d read all letters sent home and we had a couple of play dates. But Year 1 hasn’t started so well. It’s nearly week 6 of being back to school but I feel so unorganised for P1, especially since P3s arrival nearly two weeks ago.

This year is important. She’s started to get homework. At the moment we get to choose from a list of suggested activities or our own home learning but it has to get documented. At week 6 I haven’t filled in her home diary. We hadn’t done any home reading for two weeks. The majority of the time P1 forgets to bring home her jumper so goes to school looking like I’m neglecting her by having no jumper. Her hair is always a complete mess. Basically I’m failing her.

The school have said that P1 is doing really well at school. She’s going through a lot of changes and it’s very reassuring to know that she’s coping with her school work. The other night, in a bid to put things back on track, I sat and she read her school book to me. I was stunned. Usually we have tantrums, wriggling around and lack of concentration from P1 and we only get to read two or three pages in half an hour. But this particular night she read her whole book, no help at all and formed each word amazingly. I was so proud.

I’m thinking of doing a weekly homework post. Wondering if that will help me keep organised. With maybe a Linky for others to join in with. Let me know what you think.

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