“I went on a mums night out”

I went on a mums night out last night. This was my first experience of anything remotely like that. It was arranged by a mum from P1s class and there was 9 of us that turned up at the pub for some drinkies and chat.
20131205-093817 am.jpgI left hubby with P1 in bed and P2 downstairs in her jammies all ready to be put to bed.

Typically, we all talked about life and our children and it was a really nice, refreshing evening! I can’t wait to go out again. I came home to hubby on the sofa with a sleeping baby, the floor covered in toys. So typically my hubby.
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  1. such a coincidence! i bought my first bottle of moscato in like 1.5 years today!! =)

    mom’s night out sounds epic fun!

    now to find me my wine glass in the dusty old cupboard…

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