“I wish I could capture every second”

Hubby is on his iPad as he usually is when we settle down in bed and I’m blogging. But there’s something slightly different. There isn’t the sound of a light snoring from P3. It’s been replaced by sniffling, grunting and the sound of her baby babbles. She’s quite content and awake in her SnuzPod. This is the difference.

Normally each evening we stay downstairs and watch telly, P3 falls asleep in my arms and when we go up to bed I place her in her bed and she stays fast asleep. Tonight she hasn’t. I changed her and she’s awake. A few moments ago she was scratching and feeling the mesh wall of the SnuzPod. I can see her with the glow from Ewan the Dream Sheep. I place my hand to hers.

A sudden gush of emotion came over me. I put my arm over the top of the SnuzPod so that she could fiddle with my fingers. Life is so quickly passing by. I have a six year old who regularly gets her own breakfast each morning and a two year old who has started to take herself to the toilet. There snorting and touching my hand with hers is my youngest, my last nearly 5 month old.

It dawned on me that it won’t be long until she’s rolling, sitting. She’ll be talking and playing. Learning. I hope that in ten years, twenty years, I’ll still remember all these precious moments I experience with my girls in their childhoods. The way they smell. The way they argue. The way they smile so innocently. Things are going to rapidly change for all three of them as they learn who they are.

I wish I could capture every second with video and photos but I can’t. My memory and my blog will just have to do.


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  1. What a beautiful moment. Love how blogging is a great way of recording those little moments and helping to capture them. I agree that time definitely goes by too quickly x

  2. Beautiful post – I think we all want life to slow down a little sometimes.

    Lizzie Dripping

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