Ickle Bubba Aurora Stroller Review

For 19 months we have used a double pushchair. At the beginning we had two under two that needed naps or a rest when we were out. Our double could convert back to a single which was really handy but we recently got a new side by side double. Each month P1 and P2 go for a sleepover with their Grandparents leaving P3 at home for one weekend a month, plus three mornings a week. When an elderly lady made a comment about where our other child was when out with the double I realised we needed a single for P3.


Thankfully Ickle Bubba came to our rescue and sent us their new Aurora Stroller to review. I’ve been so impressed from the moment it came out of the box fully assembled and ready to go. It’s a very light weight stroller and looks quite fragile on first impressions but actually it’s not, it’s very sturdy!


The Ickle Bubba Aurora Stroller has a cushioned seat with padded shoulder straps. The hood is quite flimsy and curves over your baby. It does only shade a small amount which is something to consider. The back of the hood attaches all the way to the seat and has a handy storage pocket there which is plenty big enough for a purse and essentials. 

Underneath the seat is generous storage basket which is very handy for shopping. The Aurora also comes inside a handy carry bag which I was a bit confused at to begin with but actually this stroller is so light weight the carry bag comes in handy for bus trips and I can imagine it being great for airplane travel.

I think the very best feature of this stroller is how simple it is to fold down and open. When a company claims its one handed I do sort of laugh but actually this one really is and that’s for me, being 4ft 8in tall! See my video above for a full demonstration. It folds down so small making it a perfect stroller option for families who maybe lack space. The Ickle Bubba Aurora is suitable from birth to 15kg as it has a recline option.


The one thing I really don’t like about the Aurora, although this will probably be quite a personal opinion, is the fact the handlebar cannot be adjusted. This is normal for strollers but it’s something I struggle with being smaller than average. I feel quite self conscious that I look even more childish than normal when I push it. However, hubby loves the Aurora and we have frequently chosen to use this over our double. It’s especially useful for shopping and a quick trip to the park.

The Ickle Bubba Aurora costs £125 which I honestly think is a great price and we would definitely spend that on a stroller of this quality. I have had so many comments on our stroller already, it’s definitely turning heads.


Disclosure: This item was sent free of charge for the purpose of this review. All photos and opinions remain my own.

Value For Money

Light weight!

This is a perfect stroller for busy lifestyles and travelling. Very sleek and very light weight.

User Rating: 4.83 ( 2 votes)

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  1. what is the seat height like? I have a tall 12 month old and I’ve noticed on a few reviews that it can be a little small when the child is still growing.

  2. hey there, thank you for the review. Does is stand on its own when folded?

  3. Hannah - Budding Smiles

    This looks like a great stroller and I like that it reclines as many lightweight ones don’t xx

  4. I love a good stroller review. and more importantly lots of storage space. I haven’t heard of this one before.

  5. This looks a great pushchair – what a brilliant price too! The way it folds is very important, and this is fab. Kaz x

  6. This looks like a fab stroller. The hood looks amazing for sunny days!

  7. That stroller looks really nice. It looks reallt conpact when folded.

  8. Sarah Cantwell

    I love the look of this stroller. It’s so stylish and that ginormous basket underneath is great for all my shopping x

  9. Nifty little stroller although I think the hood is a bit strange. Folds so small, best feature for me.

  10. I love that it’s a one handed fold down that’s so useful when you have a baby under one arm! Ours is a one hand open but a 2 hand close which is annoying. The big shopping basket is great as well. Shame about the shade but it sounds like a great travel buggy!

  11. Being simple to fold down is so important! I hate fighting with a pushchair with a baby in my arms. x

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