“I’d absolutely love to see P2s face on the telly or in a magazine”

What a wet day it has been! I miss the sun especially on school runs. This morning I typically forgot that it was “own clothes day” at school, P1 was dressed in full uniform. I felt so guilty, guilty enough that I ran all the way home, grabbed her clothes and ran all the way back. All before 9am!

Then P2 and I set off on our journey to Tunbridge Wells for her photoshoot. I felt so nervous, hoping P2 would behave, smile and show her real personality. She can be very timid with new people. It wasn’t at all like I expected actually. The people were really friendly but then I suppose they have to if they work with children.

P2 was stripped down to her nappy and I had to remove her earrings for the first time – tears! She sat quite shyly on the white floor/room with me sat closer than I thought I’d be allowed. We had a few teary moments but overall she did quite well. The agency loved her and said she photographed really well. They even accepted her onto the agency!
20131121-035547 pm.jpgI’m wary. I’d absolutely love to see P2s face on the telly or in a magazine but I signed P1 up to an agency when she was a baby and nothing came out of it except being nearly £200 lighter of my money, well my mums money.

That was a little different to today though. This agency is different. They didn’t want any money up front and it all seems more formal and legit. I understand that work is not guaranteed, of course it isn’t, but P2 must have potential. So we’ve decided to go ahead.

P2 could potentially be “famous” very soon. It’s going to be a whole new experience for the both of us.

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  1. Cute! My 9 month old was a model for a product shoot a few months ago, and I couldn’t believe how well she did. She was happy pretty much the whole time, in fact they ended up using her and the other baby a lot more than the older kids because they were the only ones happy to keep changing outfits, haha. It is really exciting seeing her picture out there, too. Hope she gets some work out of it! 🙂

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