I’ll Swap For The Longer Straw

So who the heck handed me the short straw this year? I’ll do absolutely anything to swap it.

My two pregnancy experiences couldn’t of been more different.

P1 – easy pregnancy, no sickness, 7weeks early but natural birth, 19hours of labour, no wounds down below, she had troubles breathing, weighed 4lb 13oz, bleeding ended within 4 weeks, milk dried up within 4 weeks, finally got my baby home after 27days.

P2 – terrible pregnancy, sickness, hip pain, full term and natural births, 5hours of labour, no wounds down below, she was absolutely healthy, 7lbs 7oz, bleeding still hasn’t stopped after nearly 8 weeks, enough milk to feed an army of babies, took my baby home the day after she was born.

I would be quite happy this time round if I’d just stop bleeding! It’s confusing me because everywhere says 6weeks for bleeding, that breastfeeding usually makes the time less and also that you don’t generally get periods. Well I stopped for a few days around the end of week 6, then bled extremely heavy with horrible scary looking clots, then stopped for a week, and now boooooom, it’s back just like another period.

My doctor is useless and I can’t get an appointment until next week so I keep checking for cancellations. The bleeding is worrying me a little. Please, I’d love to read about your experiences of after-pregnancy delights and distresses…?

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