I’ll Totally Go Saw On Myself Soon

No miracle cure found. Yet.

I’m starting to sound like a broken record. I’ve never been so uncomfortable in my whole life. Well my sleep totalled to 2hours last night – superb! As you can imagine it has left me feeling rather emotional.

My OH was woken up at 8am this morning by P1 shouting “Mummy” because she couldn’t find me. Where was I? In the bath crying my eyes out… A cold, horrible bath to soothe my skin. Today, my OH has been my absolute rock. I’ve spent the majority of it in tears at it’s only 11am!
Last night was awful. My OH was asleep by about 12 – I kept tossing and turning needing to scratch the awful itching of my skin. In the end I ran a bath at 1am and then sat in the lounge until 3am before I eventually snuggled down and fell asleep. (With the help of calamine lotion)

I was awake again at 5am ripping my skin to pieces in my sleep. Tried to put some more lotion on but it failed to ease the discomfort. Eventually I fell asleep at 7 just to be awake again in under an hour.

The hospital have said there’s absolutely nothing else they can do. I just have to wait it out… Or in my case scratch it out because I just have to scratch for that little bit of relief until the burning sensation kicks in.

9 days until due date!!!!!!!

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