I’m A Junk Food Junkie

I actually ventured out of the house today. I know shocking.It was a bit last minute and I hadn’t even showered. But the offer of McDonalds from my Grandparents was far too tempting to miss. Even my nap that I was so longing to have – could wait!

So I threw on some leggings which I have to admit are becoming rather tight! One of my baggy tops and a cardi. Brushed my hair. Yup – I went out in public without having a shower!! Yuck.

Has anyone else got an addiction to Candy Crush? I certainly have!!

Today has been a good day. Despite the exhaustion! I tried so hard to stay awake but I had to give in by about 3pm. I’m getting so used to naps during the day. Friday’s (tomorrow) are the days I have P1 for a full day alone and I’m terrified I won’t be able to cope without a nap. It upsets me. I feel like such a failure to her because of my exhaustion and I’m really looking forward to having some sort of energy back when P2 isn’t draining it straight from my body.

19 days until our due date.

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  1. had the macker’s craving yesterday as well! had like 10 pieces of mcnuggets =(
    AND also on sugar crush saga — gosh it IS a preggers thing!

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