I’m A Master At Multi-Tasking

Today has been a bad day. Is it too late to blame something on a baby brain?? I decided to cook some garlic bread last night… Garlic bread that had been in the fridge for nearly two weeks. Yup I know – gross.

Although at the time nothing seemed wrong with it. Until I spent most the night feeling so rough that I couldn’t sleep. P2 slept amazingly as usual but I tossed and turned. Right until 6am when I started to be sick.

My OH didn’t feel too chirpy himself so took the day off work. Money down the drain. But I’m so glad he did. Whilst he seemed ok after a few hours… No sick. I have spent the day chucking my guts up. Anything that goes in comes straight back out within an hour.

My OH as usual was the amazing man he always is. Rubbed my back. Cleaned my sick bowl. Took care of P1. Got me countless drinks.

I had to juggle sick and P2 who has been on high demand for boobie the past few days. I’m exhausted! to say the least.

All that’s going through my head is I have to be better for tomorrow morning. We managed to get a Saturday appointment to register the birth of P2! Worse comes to worse I’ll sit in there with a sick bowl.

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  1. Victoria Jenkins (@Victoriaaa0)

    Before having Rio i would of said im useless at multitasking, now im a pro!


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