“I’m annoyed with both soaps for exactly the same reason!! The way they portray teenage/young mums”

I watch Hollyoaks and EastEnders religiously – thank goodness for Sky+!! I tend to get really emotional about certain storylines. I’ve posted my anger towards Hollyoaks’ teenage pregnancy storyline before, the Sinead one. I was actually quite pleased that she didn’t get the baby adopted blah blah.

Anyway, I’m annoyed with both soaps for exactly the same reason!! The way they portray teenage/young mums. Both young mums have been given the storyline of their child being taken away by social services. Of course it’s got under my skin just a huge amount.

I just wish that the soaps would have some sort of success story when it comes to young mums. If they’re going to portray them then stop doing it in such a negative light. I’m nearly certain the majority of us (young mums) have never even been sniffed at by the social services, let alone been investigated and then had our babies taken away. I’m also certain we don’t sell our bodies or steal from market stalls. Do we?!?!

Maybe these script writers should sit down and talk to a group of young mums about the troubles and situations we face. Our feelings and accomplishments of our journeys! The real journeys and real stories. I’m not stupid, I understand they need to make their programmes watchable and engaging, and they obviously can’t promote getting pregnant young. I guess they’ve succeeded in a way by upsetting me so much but I’d also quite like and prefer to see a more realistic encounter of a young mum.

I guess we’ll see how the EastEnders Cindy storyline will pan out…
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