“I’m definitely feeling a lot calmer about Christmas”

I’m definitely feeling a lot calmer about Christmas. Yesterday, I traipsed my friend and P2 around Lakeside Shopping Centre to do my Christmas shopping. It was such a lovely day and really great to spend some time with someone outside the family. I hadn’t seen A since our wedding day so it was a good time to catch up.
20131123-060807 pm.jpgWe enjoyed a lovely pizza lunch. Everything’s done now, well nearly, I still have a few family pressies to get and P1s birthday and main Christmas present. But the fact I’m basically there has settled my nerves about Christmas. I even spent about two hours wrapping them all!

I couldn’t go to Lakeside without a sneak into the Disney Store, although a sneak turned into a £43 spend. Ooops! I couldn’t resist these gorgeous outfits for the girls for Christmas Day and also the several Christmas meals we have planned with various family members. All I hope is that the cost reflects on quality after washing.
20131123-062751 pm.jpgI seem to be the only one in the family who hasn’t been too badly hit by the cold going around, touch wood, all I can hear is coughing. Coughing from hubby, coughing from P2, and P1 has started to be rather sniffly sneezy and coughing. I had a little bit of a runny nose and sore throat for one day but that was it!

Today, we were back to Essex for P1s swimming lesson and to see my Grandad. For the past two years my Nan and Grandad have taken P1 to see Santa at the local garden centre so he’s been itching to take both girls. We went after swimming today.
20131123-063338 pm.jpg

20131123-063401 pm.jpg

20131123-063418 pm.jpgP1 loved seeing Santa and P2 was more interested in the lights and decorations. They were each given a baby Christmas tree to plant in the garden, Grandad’s garden, which P1 has had each year. They were also given a little present; P1 a doll & colouring book, P2 a Santa hand puppet.

Spending time as a family and with my Grandad has been lovely!

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  1. well done you on being so organised! I still have loads to do xx

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