I’m A DryNites Ambassador!

Behind the scenes in my blogging life I have been in deep conversations with the team at DryNites and that’s because this year I was chosen, along with a few others, to become a DryNites Ambassador for 2016. I feel so incredibly excited about the opportunity as even though P2 has been fully dry in the day for well over a year now, we are still having some issues with bed wetting.  

The probably is, P2 likes to comfort herself to sleep with a bottle of milk which means she has no time between that and falling asleep to go to the toilet. If she stirs in the night she occasionally wets herself. Despite being dry during the day, P2 is still in the night time accident phase of her life and 1 in 3 children aged 3-4 years old will be dry in the day but not yet dry at night. So I am confident she is not unusual just yet.

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DryNites are there to assist. The Pyjama Pants come in sizes 3-5, 4-7 and even 8-15 years. There are boy designs and girl designs. We’ve used the Huggies Pull Ups through our potty training early months but she decided one day that she wanted to be like her big sister and wear big girl knickers at night. I don’t think she was quite ready to say goodbye to nappies at bedtime because she still wets the bed around once or twice a week. It upsets her but I’ve not wanted to take a step back in case it affects her more. So we headed to the ConfidentNites Guide for some really useful age appropriate tips on how to help her with her bedwetting and I of course want her to feel more confident at night too.

We were sent some really cute DryNites Pyjama Pants as part of our partnership with DryNites and when P2 saw the Frozen design she was really excited. They are designed to be discreet like knickers so that they can have confidence in themselves but also so that we, as parents, can have confidence in the absorbency of the pants too. Personally, I love them and it’s given her a new found night time assurance. They are super stretchy at the sides and are completely age appropriate as they are designed to be more discreet and softer just like big girl knickers.

Over the course of our ambassadorship with DryNites there will be several videos created on my YouTube channel in the next coming months so definitely head over there to subscribe so you don’t miss a thing and also some blog posts here too. I am so excited and passionate about this and can’t wait to see how P2 progresses over the coming months with her bed wetting.


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Disclosure: We are Huggies DryNites Ambassadors for 2016.

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  1. Well done on becoming get an ambassador. It’s still a goal I am trying to achieve. We have dry nites in the press but I haven’t used them yet. you nearly 4 year old shouldn’t even be in nappies at night anymore because he’s been potty trained for ages. It’s just the comfort and laziness of me I guess.

  2. Emily is about to start potty training, we could do with some of these, I love the designs they have. Congrats! x

  3. Congrats and good luck with it. We’ve always used them x

  4. Congrats lovely and best of luck, we’re in the midst of potty training here and Harry’s now practically dry throughout the day but we are yet to tackle night time. He drinks his own bodyweight in water throughout the night so i’m dreading it! xx

  5. Well done on becoming an ambassador for a brand you are so passionate about 🙂

  6. E is now potty trained but during the night we could do with trying some of these!

  7. Aw that’s so good that she enjoys wearing them it makes all the difference I think x

  8. I’m going to need to follow you REALLY closely, we’re just embarking on potty training now with our son. We’re going gently at the moment because it’s not essential for us to push him just yet but I’m hoping it’s not that hard lol. x

  9. congratulations! I really need to work on my son being dry at night so will look out for some tips x

  10. Good luck! We used pull ups at night until the kids were confidently dry at night. Night time does take longer than day time, and pull ups are the perfect compromise x

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