“I’m feeling so much more calmer about space now”

When we first moved into our home we naturally took the bigger room as we were sharing with P2 in her cot and P1 had the smaller room, but after a suggestion by a sleep therapist that came over to assist with P2s stirring, we moved into the smaller room and the girls began their journey of sharing.


It didn’t help with the sleeping situation but it did give them both an amazing space to play. Our room literally fits a standard double bed, the little alcove was just the right size for our wardrobe and what else did we really need in our room to warrant all that space?!

When we found out we were expecting baby number 3 the space situation was a slight concern. We knew we’d manage ultimately but it was and has been a big worry of mine. P2 came out of her cot and onto a mattress under P1s high sleeper bed, this freed up the cot and meant the transition of cot to bed would happen long before any “new baby” changes were going to happen. That went relatively smoothly. We’d agreed that we’d half co-sleep and half use the Moses basket. Fitting the Moses basket was going to be an issue but we’d agree it would work. Somehow.

The other night when we were talking about things hubby came up with a pretty awesome idea. It’s usually me that badgers for things but this time hubby had thought of his own solution to our problem. We’d move back into the big room. The girls go into the smaller room. Although, yes, it cuts their playing space quite drastically, it does mean that we can share comfortably with the new baby. The girls can play between our room and theirs.


So basically that’s what we’ve done. We’ve swapped back. I have to admit, it looks quite nice. It’s taken a lot of effort to get it right though. Helping hubby to move the beds round and the “stuff” has been tiring. But it’s done and I’m so so so pleased with the result. I’m feeling so much more calmer about space now just by doing this move about upstairs. Even P2 seems to be sleeping a tiny weeny bit better.

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