I’m Going Grey!

I’m feeling at a loose end with both the girls.

P1 is being an absolute nightmare with her behaviour and eating. She’s ended up in her bedroom for discipline twice today! We don’t do this often but it’s got completely out of hand and it’s the only way she’ll listen and realise.

P2 isn’t sleeping. At night. She ended up in our bed by about 1am last night for the pure fact in the two hours I had gone to bed she had woke three times. My OH pretty much told me to bring her to bed.

We slept better for it I have to admit but I’m not convinced its comfort she needs. She’s feeding a lot during the day and night! Pretty much every two hours, sometimes less, throughout the day. I’m convinced she needs to start weaning but when I suggested this to the Health Visitor she pretty much slapped me round the face.

I feel like I’m starving her. Maybe I’m not, maybe I’m seeing signs that aren’t there?! It’s probably just a growth spurt and teething right?! For the past two weeks nearly three weeks.

I just don’t know what to do for either of them. I miss my well behaved, well mannered four year old. And I miss my baby that only wakes once or twice. I’m failing miserably.

I need tips desperately.

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  1. I am having the same issue at the moment with my 29 week old daughter! Sleep is a distant memory, of which I hope to gain back in the near future. But I have found that some nights she just wants to be in my arms or as close as possible or she won’t settle. I have started BLW but as the saying goes ‘food is for fun before 1’ and ‘breast is best’. My advice is don’t rush the weaning but take your babies lead.

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Thank you. She’s always trying to grab our food. I weaned from 4months with my first daughter!

  2. You sound tired and understandably so. However, it doesn’t sound like your baby needs to wean. In fact, if she’s feeding more then she’s showing that that is what she needs right now. It may be due to a growth spurt or a developmental leap. Breast milk is highly calorific (denser and more digestible than any solid food) so if she is hungry, it’s the best food for her little tummy. Hope things settle for you soon.

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