I’m Growing Up

We all battled our colds and viewed a house yesterday. A house for sale.

We viewed one of three , 3 bed terraced houses that were for sale through the HomeBuy scheme for shared ownership – which meant potentially we could own our first home a bit quicker than expected.

It was on the smaller side of what I’d hoped for but it suited us perfectly. Three floors with the top floor being one room the length of the house – the girls room. However, it was only the middle terrace left for sale which was a bit upsetting and another box left unticked on our wish list. My OH owns a motorbike – his motorbike is more than a hobby it’s his life. The access to the garden of the remaining house was down an alley with a right angle turn – not practical for his beloved bike.

So we left with not all our boxes ticked. So we’ve decided not to go further with that property so unfortunately we are back to square one. Only with better prospects. We don’t quite know what route we’ll go down (shared ownership or a full mortgage) but I’m definitely going to push for viewing more properties so we can get a feel of what’s available to us and what we really want from our family home.

I have no idea about mortgages and insurance and wills etc etc that my OH was quite happily discussing with the mortgage advisor yesterday. I just sat there with a blank expression on my face – I felt so grown up “discussing” mortgages and viewing a house for sale … Yet so childish for not knowing the first thing about mortgages. Embarrassing!

My patience is little to nothing… I so desperately want to be in my own home with my own family. Cooking, cleaning and creating memories.

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