“I’m kicking myself for swapping the rooms around to be honest”

20131126-103041 pm.jpgI don’t know how we managed to co sleep for 6 months. I’m a complete lover of co sleeping don’t get me wrong. Back when P2 was more of a potato and breastfeeding, it was easier and it actually meant we got more sleep between us! It’s been terrible the past week. I’ve not slept from fear of P2 choking in her sleep, and when I have slept I’ve slept so soundly that my hubby has had to get up on several occasions… something he doesn’t usually do! I’m kicking myself for swapping the rooms around to be honest. Although that has actually really helped both the girls – P1 falls asleep quicker when they go to bed at the same time and P2 sleeps longer stretches.

Last night P2 slept in our bed with us. This is also going to be the situation for tonight. All of last night, she tossed and turned, I had feet in my face, arms in my face, hands pulling my hair and random coughing/choking fits. I think I have a better night of sleep when I actually have to get out of my bed and spend 10minutes feeding P2 several times a night!

My hubby keeps reminding me that this is best for P2 whilst she’s poorly. He’s right although I could really do with a nice lay in, or a full night sleep right about… Last week?! I would never forgive myself if she coughed so much she was sick and I didn’t know about it. This is what she’s doing during the day, coughing so much she’s puking a lot! The doctor has prescribed Gaviscon Infant to help stop her from being sick so easily, but other than that we’ve just got to wait this one out. It’s already been 11 days!!!!!

I’m so tired and suffering from major lack of motivation. P2 is spending most of her day snuggled up with me and therefore not a lot is getting done. On Monday I was able to completely spritz the downstairs… However, it’s already back to looking like a dump! And let’s not even get started on upstairs’ situation. I have clean clothes and dirty clothes waiting to be sorted/put away/washed covering the whole of the hall up to my knees!!! Seriously.

Major sad face. Get better soon P2!
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  1. Oh, your poor family! Do you have a front/back pack or sling? My front pack is my life saver when my daughter’s sick and clingy. I hope she feels better soon 🙂

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