I’m Missing Out On Things

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Look at the frown on that face!!

P2 has become more reluctant to fall asleep in her bouncer or car seat. In fact she’s quite reluctant to fall asleep anywhere during the day. And when she eventually does, it’s for a quick half hour power nap… and that’s if we’re lucky!

I don’t know if this is an age thing?! A P2 thing?! In her first few weeks we spent hours sitting/laying around doing nothing but letting her sleep in my arms. Then I realised I needed to get things done, so trained her to sleep in her Moses/bed/bouncer and that was fantastic!! Now, well now we are at the stage of no little sleep during the day.

It’s demanding, it’s tiring and it’s awkward. I could plan my days ahead, now I can’t. Luckily, she’s quite happy when she is awake, she doesn’t feed as often during the day and we can enjoy smiles and chats. That’s time consuming, and once again the housework is not my third priority, it’s more like… Erm… Somewhere at the bottom of my long list.

Did you experience this with your 13 week old?!? TIPS!

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