“I’m nowhere near prepared for the return to school”

If it wasn’t for the blogging world I think I would have lost track of the time that seems to be flying by. I’d been feeling incredibly anxious about the summer holidays but we’ve been having a really good time. We’ve managed to fit in quite a few little bits to entertain the girls and P1 has also done plenty of things with her Grandparents and Great-Grandad. They’ve been quite spoilt really. The majority of the time has been very chilled and slow paced, just what my hips have needed, and I’ve watched P1 and P2 form a wonderfully close bond.

It’s only the past few days that everything seems to have got on top of everyone. I’m exhausted and have run out of ideas for home entertainment whilst the weather is pants. My mood is effecting hubby’s mood. P1 seems to be being over confident with P2 and pushing her around a lot, not listening and answering back much more than we’ve ever experienced. P2 has also adopted an attitude that stinks! She shouts “mine” at every thing that P1 plays with and screams until she gets her own way. She’s also not listening to the word “no”. Put all of this together and you’ve got a catastrophe.

I’m nowhere near prepared for the return to school. We still have uniform to buy. I’ve also been really enjoying being able to lay in bed for an hour before heading downstairs each morning. I’ve enjoyed putting on my baggy lounge wear as I literally have three outfits that fit me comfortably. But we’ve all had enough now. In just over a weeks time we’ll be back to school runs and routines and rushing right as I head into the last few weeks of pregnancy.

Have you enjoyed the holidays? Or is it getting too much now?

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