“I’m pregnant with baby number 3!”

I’ve lost complete motivation in my blog the past two months and finally I can explain why. It’s been the fact I’ve been unable to speak about my life fully as we’ve had a secret to keep. That secret is rather scary, will change the dynamics of life as I know it. Deep breath in…

We’re adding another member to our family. Four will become five. Yup, I’m pregnant with baby number 3! Three!!20140331-035938 pm.jpgI’m feeling very nervous about the whole pregnancy thing, I was awful with P2 and already I’ve been pretty bad. I suffered the morning sickness from 4-10weeks but luckily only being physically sick once. I’ve had bloating and extreme tiredness!

Baby #3 will be known as Bump for now until we find out the sex, then it’s either going to be a huge overhaul of my blog name/logo if we have a Prince or it’ll be P3. So here goes on my journey through my third pregnancy!
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  1. How did I miss this announcement!!?!?!? Congratulations. How exciting. So thrilled for you. x

  2. Congratulations! Hope all is going well!

  3. WOW, congratulations!!! how exciting for you all xxx

  4. 🙂 exciting times xxx

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