“I’m so glad I made the decision to go green and use cloth”

I’m an ex-disposable nappy Mummy. I used them for nearly 3 years with P1. I used them up until P2 was 3 months old.

I now use cloth nappies. I’m absolutely addicted to the variety of styles and colours that I can choose from to match P2s outfits.

This week she’s been poorly so I’ve been going through nappies like nobodies business. That and having no motivation has resulted in the guilty use of disposables this afternoon. Only two may I add……… Unless my night nappies don’t dry in time!
20131125-074145 pm.jpgThis bottom just doesn’t look right being that skinny!!! I’m so glad I made the decision to go green and use cloth. Ok, yes it’s an added few loads of washing each week, but it’s totally worth it.

Disposables are so saggy and ugly! I spend more time trying to get a comfy looking fit than I do with my cloths. And even then it doesn’t look right. Plus, what girl wants to wear Bob the Builder on her bottom?! Mr Tumble-Dryer please dry my beautiful, soft, pink, patterned cloth nappies very quickly!

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  1. used terry nappies for all 3 of mine! but they are so much nicer now! Hope when my children have their own babies they’ll use cloth nappies too!

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