“I’m so nervous about P1 having the growth hormone test”

20140222-031739 pm.jpgLast year, P1 had some blood tests and an X-ray to check her growth. We’ve been a little concerned and so was the paediatrician but considering I’m rather small (4ft 8in) we weren’t too worried about the results.

Last Friday, we finally had the results back – she’s normal. Well, there’s nothing wrong with her bones anyway. The next step is to check her growth hormone. Now that she’s 5 years old they can test this. This is the test that’s going to worry me, not the test itself as P1 is quite used to being pricked and prodded, but the results.

I had this test done, according to my Mum, when I was little. She was told that I could have medication to help with my growth but this came with risks. It would most likely reduce my fertility and my Mum decided that this wasn’t something she could do for me as having children was a choice I needed to make not her. So I’ve lived with being small.

Medicine has certainly improved since then and I think that’s the main reason I’m so nervous about P1 having the growth hormone test. We may have to make a life changing decision for her that will be beyond our control.20140222-031755 pm.jpg

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