“I’m too squished in here Mummy!”

We’ve had one of those days. It’s been terrible… But the outcome is that our bedroom is pretty much spotless. Finally. And at a completely manageable state. Now all I have to do is actually manage it.

P1 has hit yet another phase of repeating and asking the question “why?” I have lost count of the amount of times I’ve had to repeat myself to her, only to have her then ask why. It’s tiring!

P2 has also hit a phase, maybe it’s her teeth I’m not sure but on several occasions today she has cried and I’ve been unable to figure out what exactly is wrong with her, what she needs. She’ll scream and scream until suddenly she’ll stop.

Tonight, now the bedroom and cot is clear, bed linen washed and everywhere dusted P2 is spending the night in her cot. I’m terrified. It feels like she’s a million miles away and I’ve spent a good 15minutes debating what to dress her in, whether she should be under a blanket or in her sleeping bag.

It feels unsafe to have her that far away. I’m unable to reach her quickly, unable to see her clearly, unable to hear her breathing and generally terrified something will happen to her.

But we all knew this time would come sooner rather than later… I’ve tried to squish her in the Moses basket for too long now.

Goodbye Moses basket… I’ll try not to cry about how grown up my baby is getting.

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