“I’m trying to enjoy every inch of sun”

Life seems busier than ever at the moment. Probably because I’m trying to enjoy every inch of sun that shines in the sky this year and our little home houses three active monsters so I’ve sort of been push to go outside whether it’s across the road, out in the access way or to the park. Park being the popular choice lately.

P1 was off school today as she had an upset tummy last night and so did P2. We all seem to be ill, starting with me this time and then onto Hubby and the girls. Having P1 and P2 poorly although absolutely fine in themselves meant that I couldn’t attend our Thursday Stay and Play Group which I was genuinely gutted about and really agitated about not going. It’s my favourite day of the week if I’m honest.

The girls rested, P3 continued to learn how to navigate the lounge and I tapped away at the keyboard finishing some blog posts and attempting to get on top of it. By about half 2 though the girls were bored. They’ve both been fine in themselves but it’s school policy to not allow them in for 48 hours so P1 will be off tomorrow too. I decided to head to the park. The sun has been shining all day and I figured a bit of fresh air would do them some good.

I really love it there. Everything is so safe and the people where we live are so friendly and welcoming, you can literally have such nice conversations with strangers so unlike Essex where I come from. I applied the sun cream to the girls and lay out the blanket to sit on. It was after school time so the park was busy but still perfect for play. P1 and P2 played so nicely with each other which that in itself was a lovely change.

We ended up staying there for nearly two hours. I was able to sit in the sun and watch the girls play without interfering at all. It was pure bliss I have to admit! The sun always makes me feel so happy. I even came home and did a workout from my phone.  

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  1. I’ve been making the most of all the sun too 🙂 I love the better weather and have been tiring the twins out at the park, walks and in the garden! Hope it stays xx

  2. Such gorgeous pictures! I’m sorry that you couldn’t go to play group but glad that it looks like you had a lovely day anyway.

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