“I’m uber excited about a new lifestyle and a new me”

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you’ll know that I’ve decided to change my appearance. Since giving birth to P3 I’ve felt quite low about the way my body is. I discussed this with hubby and he jokingly said I should dye my hair blonde as a change.

This idea played on my mind. I’ve been blonde before, in fact I’ve been most colours, and the idea of a hair colour change really appealed to me. After about a week I asked hubby if we could go and get some home hair dye. He agreed!


Of course, going from brunette to blonde meant I’d turn ginger at first. And although it was partly blonde there was clear ginger areas. So hubby had to go to Sainsburys to get some more dye. I also needed two packs of dye for just one full head as my hair is so long. We managed to get it a yellow-blonde. We decided I couldn’t dye it anymore and it actually looked quite nice.

After about a day I was getting annoyed with the yellow tinge. I wanted to be more of a whiter blonde so we bought more dye and started the process again. It went from my yellow-tinged blonde to a more of a white blonde with a slight hint of yellow. I’ve been advised by loads of people to get a silver rinse shampoo but I actually quite like the colour it’s ended up as.


Hubby loves it too. The girls love it. P2 was in the middle of having a tantrum as she entered our bedroom and it completely stopped her in her tracks. It really has lifted my confidence and made me feel quite sexy actually.

The next change on my list is my body. The weight I need to lose and the toning up. I’ve decided to go down the route of Juice Plus after seeing the results of one of my closest friends. I’m waiting for my delivery of shakes and I’m uber excited about a new lifestyle and a new me.

What do you think of my hair?


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  1. Definitely get the silver shampoo and conditioner
    It just stops the hair going a yellow tinge.
    Blonde suits you.

  2. I love this look on you – you look great!

    Lizzie’s Daily Blog

  3. Your photos look great. Blonde suits you #weekendbloghop

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