“Infacol has certainly saved my sanity!”

I’ve felt completely useless every time I hear my beautiful newborn cry. She’s my third daughter and you’d think I’d be a pro at consoling my girls and I am with P1 and P2, I pretty much instantly understand each cry and know when and how to react to it. Whether it be food, a cuddle, changing P2s nappy or putting them to bed. But P3 has been different. So different it’s upsetting.

She’s been inconsolable to the point I’ve been left feeling like a useless mum and that the neighbours probably think we’re neglecting her. If they could see they’d know the pain we’ve been going through. The doctor confirmed that she’s just a baby that cries a lot, otherwise known as colic.

The NHS website says this “In most cases, the intense crying occurs in the late afternoon or evening and usually lasts for several hours. You may also notice that your baby’s face becomes flushed, and they may clench their fists, draw their knees up to their tummy, or arch their back”.

With this in mind and a suggestion from the Health Visitor, I went to Tesco on Saturday morning for Infacol. I endured the usual screeching and eye-boggling as I went round Tesco but returned home with what I hoped would be our saviour.

I’ve been using it religiously before feeds since 11am on Saturday and my goodness it’s really helped!! I was very dubious to whether it would work. We’ve had four days of normal newborn crying. Last night was a little step back but I’d forgotten to do a few feeds so it was probably my fault. She screamed from 7pm to 2:30am, I was in tears.

She’s much calmer on the whole though and I feel I can stay enjoying her now. Infacol has certainly saved my sanity!

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  1. It is so good to hear things are getting better! I used Infacol with my youngest and it was just fantastic!

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Im always reluctant to give “medicine” to my kids but its really helped. Wish i had done it from the start of her screaming episodes.

  2. My health visitor told me it also bulids up in their system over time aa long as you religiously use it on every sinice feed and by the time we hit 16 weeks we turned a huge corner! I’m so pleased your doing a lot better xx

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