#innocentFiveADay Fruit & Veg Fest and A Competition

I was up, showered and basically dressed before my three daughters and hubby had even opened their little eyeballs Tuesday. I always hate it when this situation occurs. It’s like I’m breaking the law of sleep and should be severely punished but it was all for a good cause. Innocent Drinks had invited the girls and me up to Fruit Towers for a Fruit & Veg Fest. I had decided to brave the journey on my own with the three of them. I know… mad!


We arrived at the train station early. The girls were so excited and pointing at all the trains going past. The station was deserted at this point but with about 5 minutes until the train was due the station became packed with people heading off to work. The train was due at 8am. Thankfully it was nearly empty so we were able to get seats. Half way through the journey P2 announced she needed a wee. I went into panic mode as I realised I was completely outnumbered, no toilet in my carriage, the Doona and a child. I offered her a baby nappy to use but she refused and insisted that she could hold it. We still had half the journey left so I was very worried. Thankfully, she did make it and we used the station toilets at London Charing Cross before catching the taxi to the venue.


Arriving at Fruit Towers was so exciting. It’s a five story modern building with the Innocent logo on the front of it. There was an ice cream truck in the car park covered in fake grass. The girls were so excited. As we walked through the automatic doors we were greeted by friendly staff. I just can’t describe in words all the visual things to see as you enter the building. It’s so unusual and not at all what I expected from a London office. We were taken into what would usually be the canteen/chill out place for the staff. It was all set up ready for the Fruit & Veg Fest. I was the first to arrive along with two other bloggers that I recognised.


The staff explained how the day would work; splitting into smaller groups to do each little activity around the room that were to do with or using fruit and veg, and collect a sticker to place on there shopping lists. I missed the beginning as I was taking P2 to the loo, again, but we headed straight to the Painting with Fruit & Veg table. I figured they may need a while to dry before coming home with us.

painting with fruit and veg

There was a huge selection of veg to choose from. I have tried myself potato printing but never thought to use Brocolli or Carrots for instance. It allowed the girls to feel and have fun with the veg where they would probably turn their noses up if they were popped on their plates. P3 was none the wiser to what was going on and just spent the whole day crawling along the fake grass which was actually super soft, at one point I thought I lost her to find her under the table. Then there was another time when she was sat chewing the Innocent sign.

innocent munching

We then moved on to making some Fruit & Veg Heads. These of course would be such a waste if done at home but definitely a really good idea for exploring textures. It gave me the idea that we could make these at home but without the glue involved then cook them or turn them into our own smoothies. There was a man who worked at Innocent who came and sat with the girls. P2 adored him and was laughing away, he gave her the idea to use mushrooms as teeth for her face. P1s face was based on Hubby with a beard too!

fruit and veg heads

They then headed to Bounce Says. The poor bloke pictured was running, rolypolying, blowing raspberries and tap his head for the whole 3 hours. The kids loved it and he had such enthusiasm. It was a bit like Simon says. I’m not sure how much P1 and P2 knowingly took in but it was all fruit and veg related which I loved.

bounce says

Next was P1s favourite activity of the day. The real reason behind Innocent Drinks… The smoothies!! The girls got to pick what fruit they wanted in their smoothie, blend it up, taste it and then create a label. I loved this activity, apart from it being super stuffy in that room whilst juggling a camera and P3, I caught a glimpse of the hidden bond that P1 and P2 have. They worked as a team to create a pretty yummy tasting smoothie drink. P2 was caught munching on a strawberry and a few raspberries which wasn’t surprising as she classes them as treats, better than chocolate for her.

smoothie making

We took a breather to try some Innocent Smoothies, fruit juices and eat a few snacks as I myself was starving being surrounded by fruit and the smell of toast every now and then. Fruit Towers has an amazing kitchen for their staff where they are able to help themselves to toast, eggs and cereal. When I first walked in I thought it was set out just for us but I was very wrong. The girls loved running about, playing with the table football and making friends amongst the other blogger children. I also caught up with some very loved fellow bloggers that I’ve met and chatted to for a while now.


Next up was the Coconut Shy. Very brave of them and my hat goes off to the man who esd repeatedly picking up coconuts and most likely having his toes squished. I bet his nerves were on edge the whole day. This was P2s favourite activity and although she didn’t grasp the concept, she’d never seen a coconut before let alone hold one and bash a ball at it. She was in her element. Returning for more the whole time.

coconut shy

But the point of all this fun, laughter and bonding was of course the fruit and veg themselves. We all know we should be eating a recommend five a day. I roll my eyes when I’m asked if I myself eat the recommended, I don’t. Please don’t blend me up Innocent! I’m sorry. I probably get one, mainly potatoes, two at a push of we have some bananas in my daily intake. The kids get there’s, or at least they do most days with various things like pouches and actual fruit and veg. Innocent Smoothies are 100% fruit and veg completely crammed. My girls love them and after seeing behind the scenes and talking to the staff that help to create these drinks it has made me want to buy them not just for treats but for every day to help with getting the one a day into my kids.

innocent smoothies

There’s an encouraging 93% of 1-3 year olds getting the right amount of fruit and veg each day, unfortunately, studies show that only 10% of 11-18 year olds meet the 5-a-day fruit and veg recommendation. Girls finding it harder which means I have my work cut out to get my girls eating exactly what they should be. Innocent Drinks are offering one of my readers the very lucky chance to win a whole classroom supply for your kids class. What a fantastic way to start the new school year and a fabulous way to break the ice. All you have to do is enter using the rafflecopter below.


On the way home the girls were exhausted. I tried to keep P1 and P2 awake but I just couldn’t. I had a slight panic about how I’d get them from the taxi and to the train, especially when we were stuck in traffic with only a few minutes to spare. I literally pushed P3 in her Doona, carried P2 and dragged poor P1 across London Charing Cross and managed to catch the train I wanted with about 30 seconds to departure. I was so proud and as we headed home, the rain pouring down outside, I felt like super woman. I’d managed a full day in London with all three of my girls alone but not only that, we actually had so much fun and I have been completely inspired by Fruit Towers and all the activities we took part in. Seeing my girls smile was amazing.

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* I was invited to attend the Fruit & Veg fest, we were gifted a goody bag, however all photos and opinions remain my own. The competition is in association with Innocent Drinks, UK Entrants only, your child’s school will need to be disclosed at the point of winning so that the prize can be organised directly *

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  1. Hide them in their meals πŸ™‚

  2. Finding a way they will eat them… it doesn’t matter if they are cooked or raw or with the skin taken off… We have always had the rule that it doesn’t matter if you dont like it’ as long as you try it a couple of times first

  3. We grow a lot of our own and they love eating it then. x

  4. I don’t have children yet but my goddaughter would like this prize. Best way to increase fruit and veg is to have a full fruit bowl and add veg to dishes like beet root in chocolate cake.

  5. with veg i blend up and add to curries etc, fruit we have colour days

  6. take them to the shops and ask them to choose what they want to try πŸ™‚

  7. Growing and picking your own definitely sparks an enthusiasm to eat them!

  8. Present them with greens from the very beginning , often , the will grow customised to eating them .

  9. I get the kiddies to try raw and cooked veg. I also get them to help make the dinner as then they tend to try the food.

  10. That looks like fun with my eldest who is now 6 we have always struggled with fruit and veg with ever sin e she turned 18 months so the best way I have found is to grate all sorts of veg into our sources especially corgette and carrots and also we get the girls involved in making smoothies and baking with fruit and veg too x

  11. Making cooking and eating them fun! Let the kids get involved with preparing dinner even if its just mixing and dishing out the dinners! They will feel really proud that they have helped make it and are more likely to eat it. x

  12. Cutting fruit and veg into funny shapes and getting the kids to help prepare the food tasting it when it’s raw and cooked

  13. in lots of soups and stews

  14. We had to find ways to get our 5 year old daughter to take her fruit and veg. For fruit we bought a smoothie maker and make her fruit smoothies with ice cubes – we try to do lots of bright colours and get her to help us choose the fruit combinations – calling them fruit cocktails.

    For Veg Amber is obsessed with being fast. So we make a soup with about a dozen different vegetables in it, and we tell her that it is speedy soup that is designed to make her run faster – she gobbles it down and then runs around the house testing how fast it has made her!

  15. I take the kids to local fruit and veg shop to pick out the fruit they want, there’s loads of choice and no sweets to distract them so they get really excited about what they would like to have this week. I’ve also told them that you grow to like flavors so things they don’t like now they will eventually enjoy and because of this they should always try the veg they’re given before saying they don’t like it to see if they like it yet πŸ™‚

  16. You can hide lots of different veg in meals like pasta sauces, Bolognese, casseroles etc, especially if you chop it up small. It actually makes a really tasty meal!

  17. Mixing into mash potato πŸ™‚

  18. Once a month we have veggie week I get to try new recipes and they get to eat as much as they like as long as its fruit and veg. I’m not aloud to say no when they ask to eat something

  19. Best way is definitely by eating it ourselves. Kids are big copycats

  20. Homemade vegetable soup otherwise known in our house as poop soup

  21. make it into faces

  22. Lead by example by eating lots of fruit and veg and just expecting the children to do the same and by having a regular fruit break, where there is no other option

  23. by juicing & making smoothies

  24. Smoothies and my families love stir frys too!! πŸ™‚

  25. my children love fruit and vegetables so im lucky i have no problems with them eating it x

  26. Smoothies. I treated myself to a blender at Christmas as I wanted to eat more fruit and veg myself. The whole family got into them too, they are so quick and simple to do… I do them daily now…. just chuck in banana, apple, grapes, and kiwi for instance, a bit of water and whizz. They can be made and drunk more quickly than eating just fruit. Pour them into a pretty glass and they are appealing to kids too. Definitely recommended, they have been a big hit in our house.

  27. my kids love fruit & veg. my top tip would be to let them help prepare it!

  28. Disguise it !

  29. Pick fruits all the family like and can eat together.

  30. Lots of smoothies and look at recipes with lots of ‘hidden’ veg it will taste yummy and they won’t even know how good it is for them! πŸ™‚

  31. I’ve always offered my children fruit and veg ‘sticks’ as snacks instead of sweets – they also get to pick their own at the store

  32. To grow things with them. Start simple with strawberries

  33. I cut them up really small in nice cheesy meals x

  34. i think not making a big deal about it works best x

  35. we like to get involved with buying in the supermarket and then helping to prepare at home

  36. Elizabeth Rebecca

    What a lovely day – I think the main thing is making sure kids have fun with fruit and veg.

    Lizzie Dripping

  37. I think the best things is when they are young give them lots of fruit and veg. If they reject it just ignore it and keep giving it to them. If you make a fuss and try to force them it makes them not want to eat it. Mine seem to hate something one week and love it the next.

  38. Do dinners they enjoy which have at least 5 veggies in it x

  39. My son loves it when I make him a fruit salad (no juice) – if I mix lots of fruits he enjoys the colours & is more likely to eat a type he isn’t as keen on.

  40. My 2 year old hates bread so instead she has blueberries grapes and yoghurt for breakfast seems to work and is towards her 5 a day x

  41. I grate up carrots and add to bolognaise sauce.

  42. I just cut up carrots and peppers and put them in bowls on the table and the children just help themselves, it seems to work!

  43. I have no great tips (my little one won’t touch vegetables!) other than keep offering healthy food and don’t pressure them to eat it all. I put veg on my daughter’s plate every day and she leaves it every day. But she eats any and every fruit. Phew!

  44. Hope I win …love innocent smoothies

  45. I don’t know if I am just lucky but right from the beginning I always gave my children various vegetables with every meal & fruit is always part of breakfast or added to dessert. I never forced them to eat it although my daughter would rather not have carrots & my son dislikes corn they both eat sprouts like sweets LOL

  46. Samantha Wheeler

    We’re of the ‘hardcore’ variety I’m afraid – eat them or don’t eat!

  47. Catherine McAlinden

    I have a bowl of fruit that they can help themselves to. Easy access.

  48. hide the veg they dont like or blend into soup

  49. Involve your child in cooking their own meals and make cooling fun. Failing that – hide it in their meals so that they don’t know πŸ˜‰

  50. My girls love a roast dinner, so they’ll get plenty of veg there! I often do things like grate carrot into spag bol and put peas in, they enjoy the sweeter taste and it gets extra veg in!

  51. Fun day by looks x

  52. Dominique Orlowski

    Hiding it in meals & goodies so they don’t even know haha

  53. Entered :)… Lovely photos as always, Looks and sounds like you all had fun!!!

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