Insanity Forecasted For Easter Half Term

This morning my OH participated in the Ace Cafe Southend Shakedown. I’ve never seen him so motivated to be up early. He does love his motorbike. P1 loves to watch him and spent ages watching out of the window. P2 and I joined her but P1 soon got bored and left us watching. We eventually saw him an hour later!

It’s the Easter holidays which means I have P1 home for the majority of the next two weeks. In the past she’d just attend nursery as normal but now I’m only having her in nursery for the 15 hours that the government have given to children 3+. Which only runs during term time.

I’m slightly dreading it – 5 full days of P1 at home instead of the normal 3 full days! That sounds so mean and don’t get me wrong I love having her around, but there’s only so much telly and so much baking and so much playing with the same toys one child can do! But because it is the school holidays for everyone this means that everywhere will be busy, overpriced, and generally a nightmare!!!

I have to find something to do with her or I fear that the both of us will go insane staying at home. I haven’t stocked up on any activities to do at home either as I completely forgot about it being a school holiday until my Grandad remind me the Saturday just gone.

Does anyone have any fun activity ideas I can do with both the girls the next two weeks?

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