Insjo Saimaa Sweet Peach bagINbag Review

I am slowly venturing into the world of having my own handbag. For seven years I have sported the changing bag look, and despite there being many very fashionable versions out there, I’ve never owned one. But the girls are getting bigger and needing much less when we head out of the house so it’s about time I start to become a woman rather than just a mummy.


We were recently sent a really interesting product to take a look at. It’s the Insjo bagINbag. The main use for it is that it is a bag organiser designed to make life that little bit easier by keeping all your bits and bobs in one place but can be transported into different bags. Basically a bag liner with all the functions of a normal bag plus it can also be used with a long shoulder strap too and used as your normal every day bag.

insjo bagINbag

I really love the Insjo bag. It surprisingly has helped me to remember everything. I haven’t used it inside a bag yet but have used it to pop under my pram when we go out keeping my bits separate to the kids rucksack. It’s a small little bag but really does fit so much. There’s lots of compartments and the handy zipped one inside too. I really wish the actual handles were a little bigger so it could have the function of a normal bag too but that isn’t really what it is designed for.


There are plenty of colours available to suit every fashion taste and personality. I have found the bag super helpful although at £44 I do think it is a little pricey. 

Disclosure: This product was sent for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are of my own

Value For Money

A cute little design to keep everything organised in your bag and never forget a thing

User Rating: 4.7 ( 1 votes)

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  1. I love it, it’s absolutely gorge!! Can’t believe the amount of stuff you’ve fit in it. Loads of space!

  2. Oh I’m with you, I’ve sported a changing bag far too long. I’m suitably impressed with your organisation…. My work bag is like the deep pit of despair. I’m pretty sure peach is the new cream… Or was that black? Actually got me a bit excited about getting a new one now… Saves cleaning out the old I guess,

  3. Certainly fits a lot of stuff. I am looking for a new bag but I prefer one the you can have hanging off the side off your hip rather than on your shoulder.

  4. What a gorgeous bag and I love the colour! It looks really practical too with all of the different pockets and compartments x

  5. Gorgeous bag, I love the colour perfect for summer. You can’t go wrong with having lots of pouches for your bits and pieces. Great review. x

  6. This is exactly what I need! I hate it when you have all your stuff lumped in your bag and you can’t find what you need quicky! X

  7. Love the amount of space in this bag! And the peach colour is just PERFECT for summer 🙂 x

  8. I can’t remember the last time i used a handbag instead of a changing bag, but this is gorgeous, though. I love the colour – you can’t go wrong with pastes in Summer! xx

  9. I dream of the day I have my own handbag again, ha ha! This looks like a good way to stay organised which I always need.

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