“iOS7 was released in the UK”

I have phone data back. YESSSS! I’ve really missed reading other blogs at bedtime and checking Facebook whenever I feel like it. Tweeting about random things. But not only did my data reset last night, iOS7 was released in the UK!

Now I’m not going to pretend I know all the technical stuff about it because even though my OH was like a child in a sweet shop about it and telling me all the technical stuff… Nothing actually sunk in. But I have to admit that my iPhone looks rather pretty now.

I’ve been really bored with it. I’ve really wanted to change phones to an android or something because they look pretty to use. Not old and boring like the iPhone was.

I do have to admit that it seems that since the Mr Apple Man passed away, that Apple have generally gone a little downhill. I mean, iOS7 seems like such a copy to the android. Maybe I’m wrong in saying that. But that’s my opinion, a non technical opinion of it.

Anyway, I love my phone now. It had to be wiped of pictures (although that was a long time coming having them backed to my pc) so I can’t upload any photos yet. I best get snapping…

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