IOW 2017 Day 1 – Delayed Ferries & Arriving At The West Bay Club House Of Liz Earle

We absolutely fell in love with the Isle Of Wight when we visited for the first time last year. We were over the moon to be invited back right in the middle of the summer holidays. The West Bay Country Club & Spa had invited us to stay with them for seven nights. The days leading up to our trip felt so incredibly long. I am writing a series of blog posts from our trip. There is eight in total along with eight videos too, the first is below. I also felt it was appropriate to write a more focused blog post on The West Bay Club and possibly a Top 10 Things To Do On The Isle Of Wight. So let’s begin…

When you stay at The West Bay your ferry travel is included within the price. They actually arrange the ferry trips for you which takes a lot of stress away from arranging your holiday. There is a ferry terminal right by The West Bay in Yarmouth, however we opted to enter at Fishbourne catching the ferry from Portsmouth. We actually arrived really early for our ferry so headed for a McDonald’s lunch to fuel the kids for travel.

Typically, the ferry was delayed due to a technical fault so we had an extra 45 minutes to wait at the terminal before boarding. The ferry was smaller one than we had last year, it had a lift that took the cars up so more could park underneath. It also felt much more old fashioned. We took the girls outside as we left Portsmouth and then headed back inside where a resident of the IOW got talking to us and gave us some lovely recommendations. The journey only takes about 45 minutes.

We popped in the big Tesco after arriving in the IOW for our groceries and then headed to Yarmouth. The West Bay Club & Spa offer family friendly self-catering accommodation alongside their Country Club and Island Wellness Spa. There is six property options and we were lucky to be booked in for the coastal hideaway, House Of Liz Earle. We arrived a little later so picked up our keys from the Country Club where a very friendly and helpful lady showed us to the house. She seemed very excited that we was staying in this specific house and when we walked through the door, I totally understood.

As you walk up to the house it instantly has that beach hut vibe to it, with white wood on the outside walls and a beautiful decking. Walking round to the back which is technically the front, there are cute trees by the front door. The downstairs of the House Of Liz Earle is all open plan. The white walls make the entire house feel very large and right. There are inspiring quotes on the walls and many books promoting a healthy, peaceful lifestyle. 

The kitchen is fully equipped with all the utensils and cooking equipment you’d need. The under-counter fridge has a tiny freezer inside too. Oh and what I loved best was the dishwasher, we don’t have a dishwasher at home so I was looking forward to having an easy week. In the online description it says that there are a few groceries to get you started. Well I was honestly shocked when I walked in to the kitchen. There was a loaf of fresh bread, jams, granola, yoghurt, cheese, milk, tomatoes, butter and so many eggs. I think that most of it was local island produce. Such a lovely touch.

The coastal theme and airiness continues upstairs. There are two bedrooms and a bathroom. The bathroom (which I completely forgot to photograph fully) is absolutely stunning. It’s modern with a funky bowl style sink that the girls found hilarious. It has a bath with overhead shower. Everything is super clean. They provide two toilet rolls, so I’d recommend bringing your own as we went through them pretty quick. There are Liz Earle products supplied in their full sizes which I found amazing. You usually get small sample sizes. These included shampoo, conditioner, body wash and moisturiser.

The double bedroom is my idea of a dream bedroom. The skylight windows let in so much light and the decor is just beautiful. There’s ample of space to walk around in the room unlike our own home and there’s a good sized chest of drawers. The wardrobe space was shockingly big too and was basically a walk in wardrobe with hangers and shelves. The girls room had two single beds with a travel cot included too. They also had a chest of drawers and a large wardrobe. I felt like I was in my idea of interior heaven. Each bed had their own set of three different sized towels, each room had a pot of cotton buds and cotton pads. Everything had been though of, oh including a hair dryer and ironing board.

We unpacked our shopping and began to settle in. The girls were doing their usual “I’m hungry” routine so I whipped out our trusted Pot Noodles for dinner. We had had a McDonald’s before boarding the ferry and everyone had eaten pretty well so I didn’t really have concerns that the girls were too hungry. Pot Noodle definitely filled a gap for us all followed by sharing one of the beautiful cookies provided.

West Bay is just like a little holiday camp. There’s a large field that has the different homes surrounding it. We’d remembered to pack the girls their bike and scooter so they couldn’t wait to get out and explore. It was amazing to watch the sun set whilst the girls laughed and had fun outside. This must be what it feels like to have your own garden. The girls were in the absolute element.

I couldn’t wait to run the first bath of the holiday. We don’t have a bath at home so it’s definitely a time I cherish when we go on holiday and there is a bath. P2 especially hates bath time so I was looking forward to helping her come to terms during our week away. The Liz Earle body wash made an amazing bubble bath and it smelt divine! I didn’t want to push things with the girls so we didn’t wash their hair.

We had a super late night with the girls and they all really made it difficult to get to bed. I was really happy to sink down in our bed. It’s always brilliant when the beds are extremely comfy. I actually spent the evening editing the video below however the complimentary Wifi was far too slow to upload so I waited until we got home to edit and upload the other videos too. I really hope you enjoy reading our holiday diaries and find my videos interesting. 

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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  1. What a shame your ferry was cancelled/delayed! I’m surprised it takes that long (45 minutes) as it only takes 90 minutes to get to France???

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