IOW 2017 Day 7 – Blackgang Chine

I actually finally had a more chilled out morning. The motivation and excitement for our day ahead clearly got me out of the incredibly comfortable bed at West Bay. Whilst doing my makeup I heard that dreaded thudding of a child falling down the stairs, thankfully P2 had caught her little sister has she nearly tumbled down the entire flight of stairs. I felt quite proud of her at that moment. Unharmed but in shock made our getting ready on time slight delayed. I made another little picnic and then we headed out.

From West Bay Club getting to Blackgang Chine is a picturesque coastal route. I don’t think I could ever get bored of the views along the coast of the Isle Of Wight, it’s just magical. We arrived just before opening time and there was already a few cars waiting too. We waited outside the entrance with the huge Giant for about ten minutes before being let loose inside Blackgang Chine.

Blackgang Chine is my most favourite Isle Of Wight day out for families. P3 fell in love last year during her obsession with dinosaurs phase and even as adults we found this area fascinating. There’s information signs on all of the dinosaurs and I’m pretty sure every single one moves or makes a noise. The girls love it and of course the best part is the T-Rex. When you go there you will know exactly what I mean, it’s sort of chillingly realistic. 

After heading through the dinosaurs we walked through the garden area of giant bugs, butterflies and gnomes. As Blackgang Chine is situated right on the cliff edge, there is a lot of steep gradients throughout the day. I believe there are more disabled friendly routes, but poor Hubby struggled with our double pushchair up the hills. He definitely got his workout goal on this day.

A saver ticket for four people costs £84. You are able to buy joint park tickets with Robin Hill which is definitely worth the saving, and your ticket is valid for 7 days too. We honestly think the price is definitely worth it as there is so much to see and do whilst inside Blackgang Chine. After making it to the top of the hill you are greeted with the Crooked House. It’s so creepy and honestly makes you feel a little wobbly as you walk around. The girls love it and go round twice!

In the clearing at the top of the hill is the pirates area. There’s two large play ships where you can squirt each other with the water guns. There’s also the quite strange pet shop to explore with singing animals. The girls always love this part and spend ages in there. It’s funny for the adults too. After spending a little bit of time in this area we headed for the brand new for 2017, Underwater Kingdom.

We saw signs for this when we visited last year and was absolutely gutted to miss it as it looked amazing. Although we were unsure of what to expect. Blackgang Chine is the land of imagination and as you wander into the Underwater Kingdom, this really comes to life. You initially walk through a cave, a passageway to the underwater. The walk way is slightly bouncy and the lights are so pretty. It’s absolutely captivating.

You then walk out into a covered blue area where you meet the Daddy Crab who has lost his babies. This gives the children a task to do as they wander around and the girls really enjoyed looking for the baby crabs. My photos definitely do not do this kingdom justice so I urge you to check out my video below where you can see the Underwater Kingdom properly. As you wander round you meet different sea creatures, a sunken ship for children to explore (obviously I went in being the small human I am) and let’s not forget the absolutely huge whale hanging above you as you make your way out of the Underwater Kingdom.

We went through the Underwater Kingdom twice as the girls, especially P3 who is very much a sensory lover, absolutely adored it. We then decided to head back to the entrance for the Chine Cafe before it got super busy like the experience we had at Robin Hill. It was actually 11am when we got there and the cafe doesn’t start serving hot food until 11:30am. We placed our order and said we was more than happy to wait. Hubby sat with P1 at the table whilst I took P2 and P3 round to the all of the rides and attractions. We had a few goes on the spinning barrel ride and then wandered into the Hall Of Mirrors and Jonah’s Whale. 

Weirdly we arrived back at the table just after the food had been served to us. I can bang on about how delicious it all looked but I honestly think the photos show you that very well, don’t you think? Hubby had ordered the Meat Pizza, I had the adults Chicken Goujons, two of the girls had Chicken Nuggets with chips and one had the half a Jacket Potato with Tuna. It tasted amazing. We made sure that the girls, especially P1, ate as much as they could. P1 joked that we was playing the game “Pop The Pig” with her as she was feeling very full. The thing is with her is that she gives up on eating pretty quick then complains she’s starving ten minutes after eating.

After our lunch I showed Hubby round the rides. We had another go on the Barrels, wandered around the mirrors and then Hubby took P2 on the Waterforce. P2 was very upset she wasn’t quite tall enough for the rollercoaster. We then took a walk round to the Rumpus Mansion. Last year P1 had a panic attack about going inside, when we eventually got her in there she loved it so she was excited to go back in this year.

The mansion is definitely the creepiest area of Blackgang Chine. It’s darkly lit, creepy music and even quirkier characters as you walk around. P3 was clinging on to my neck for dear life bless her. We couldn’t get the double pushchair through all of it so Hubby had to turn around and meet us the other end. In fact he jumped out at us and all four of us girlies jumped out of our skin. It was one of those moments I wish I had been filming!

We had a bit of a drama in the Cowboy Town. This zone makes me feel nervous any way with all the banging of cap guns and those things that explode when you throw them at the floor. Totally harmless fun but really puts me on edge. The girls enjoyed exploring the different cowboy themed houses. They then played in the little sandpit play area bit for a while before we decided to move on again. This is when the drama happened. We was getting everybody ready and heading out of the entranceway to the play area. P2 was ahead, I turned to make sure P3 was following along and turned back to find P2 had disappeared.

P2 does this all of the time so it’s nothing new, but usually she appears within a few seconds or we catch a glimpse of where she actually is. This time we couldn’t see her and she didn’t reappear. We called out for her, it was busy so there’s no chance in hell she would of heard us. Frantically we wandered up and down trying to keep an eye on the other two plus searching for P2. Weirdly enough both Hubby and I were pretty calm. Until it got to about five minutes of not seeing P2. Five minutes may seem like such a short time but it’s a long time if someone has ran off with your child. Eventually Hubby found her, playing quite happily and totally unaware of our worry, in the JAIL!!!!

We had a quick adventure in the Fairyland. The girls had started to get a little clumsy and two of them tripped on the ladders in the fairy castle. So we decided not to risk any more injuries or dramas and headed back round to the Pirate Cove. Hubby bought some mini doughnuts for us to enjoy and we made it there just in time to join in with a pirate activity. You’ll see in the video just how bad my girls are at egg and spoon races, we were in hysterics! But they still won a chocolate coin which I thought was lovely.

The doughnuts had cooled down as we were wandering sort of backwards down the hill and through the dinosaurs. P1 had a major sugar rush from eating far too many doughnuts but after all we were on holiday. It felt really lovely to see her smile being happy, she spends a lot of the time looking generally glum and unappreciative. Out of the girls she was the only one interested in the doughnuts so we allowed her to have a treat.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that you are on the edge of a cliff whilst at Blackgang Chine. Round near the Nurseyland area you can see the absolute devastation of the land slide many many years ago. It sends shivers down your spine to think that any second another huge chunk of the cliff could fall. Blackgang Chine is a seriously amazing place to visit and we always have such a brilliant time there. It’s a full day adventure, the prices of food and drinks is really good but I’d definitely advise taking snacks along too.

After a few more goes on the water slide we decided to head back to West Bay. P2 and P3 had fallen asleep for ten minutes in the car so they were in for yet another later bedtime. All the late bedtimes were definitely getting on my nerves as we were being robbed of “down” time as such. This specific night I felt alright about it as I needed to pack all of our stuff ready to check out in the morning.

We had such a lovely day and I hope you enjoy our video from it:

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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