Is It Really Worth It?

I’m a working mum and have been since P1 was 9months old. Work for me has always been my “time out” from parenting – as crazy as that sounds!

Now P2 is fast approaching her arrival it leads us to think about the future; child care mainly and finances. P1 will be starting school the same week as I’m due to return to work after maternity leave.

I was always going to struggle with sorting child care when P1 starts school. I work 9am – 5:30pm 5 days a week. But add another child to the mix and things just get that little bit tougher.

We have to find someone or some way of making sure P1 gets to school and my OH and I get to work on time. We have to also fund P2 to be in nursery either full time or part time and then if it’s part time we have to find somewhere else for her to go. AND then we need to find somewhere for P1 to go to when school finishes.

The fact that child care for just P2 would be taking over 70% of my wages it just doesn’t seem worth working. I’m missing out on her childhood just to have everything I work for taken… just does not seem fair. However, I have outgoings which NEED to be covered so I can’t just give up work.

When in this situation it makes you really appreciate why there are sooooo many stay at home mums/dads (and I’m not judging by the way). Why work to end up paying to miss your children’s childhood?! And end up having a pretty rubbish lifestyle due to lack of money because it’s ALL going on child care!!!

Mehhhh!!! Anyway, thanks to the government giving 3year olds 15hours a week free during term time… P1 has just gone off to nursery giving me a little break 🙂

This morning she woke in a very strange mood… Very comical but also a little emotional/temperamental.

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