“Is organisation and motivation something you are born with or can you learn it?”

20131129-094406 am.jpgI’m stuck in a rut. One I’m battling with but can’t shake. An odd feeling.

The past week, well nearly two, that P2 has been unwell I’ve got little done in regards to housework. Last Monday I had motivation. I managed to completely clean and tidy downstairs but now, just four days on, it’s a tip again!!

Everywhere I’m tripping on toys, clothes or paper?! Bits and bobs that are just laying around. I have the itching to get everything tidied but no actual get up and go. Why?! I’ve always been a messy person. Anyone that knows me will know that. But since moving to Kent I’ve had a routine to keeping things mostly manageable.

Recently, no, everything’s gone to pot. P1 wants play dates but there’s no way I want anyone round with the house looking the way it does. So surely that’s enough to kick my backside into place and get everything done?! No. For some reason not.

To make matters worse, P2 is crawling. Slowly, but she’s into everything. So I need everything tidied. Is organisation and motivation something you are born with or can you learn it? Because I would love to learn it!

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  1. lifeloveandlivingwithboys

    I too am messy but I will have weeks where I am on a cleaning drive. It doesn’t last. It usually takes a visitor threaten to come round to get me to really tidy properly. Since Spud started reception he brings home a cold or cough every few weeks and it’s me who always has it the worst which means I’m even less likely to feel like cleaning top to bottom. I’ve come to the realisation that this house will never be chore-free and fully tidy until the boys leave home. Until then we’ll manage. I’d rather snuggle on the sofa with the boys or have a day out with them than spend the day putting clean clothes away and sorting out the garage – they’re only small once x

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      You’re totally right! But I sit on the sofa feeling all restless and agitated about the mess around me. I’ve sorted it tonight. Wooooohooo!

  2. I learnt it. Was the messiest person ever then when we moved house I decided to keep it clean. I pick up after myself and the family and spend about an hour during the day (split up into bits here and there) and an hour of an evening once baby is in bed cleaning and tidying. I now can’t bear the though of an untidy cluttered home (even now I feel cluttered and I’ve thrown everything we don’t use away or donated it). We also go through the toy cupboard and wardrobes every 4-5 months and donate items that are no longer used.

    Check out this blog, she’s brilliant at all things housekeeping and reading her blog kicked me up the backside to get organised.


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