Is This The End Of My Breastfeeding Journey?!

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I’m quite upset that I’m writing this post in a way. I think we are about ready to end our breastfeeding journey. Well not completely anyway.

It’s been about a month of weaning now, P2 is now on three meals a day which is usually half a jar. We’ve had no problems except the one toilet trouble during the first week of increased food. It’s been going great! But in turn, she’s not feeding from me as often or for as long.

P2 has always been a quick feeder, max of 5 minutes at a time really, but it’s gone down to about a minute or two. I believe she’s just thirsty and using me for a drink now rather than food. In the evenings and during the night she feeds, perfectly.

I feel like she’s slowly giving me up, which is what I hoped for. For our journey to end how she wants it. I’m terrified. I feel this knot tightening in my stomach whenever I think about not feeding her. I cried this morning. I was just having a normal conversation about it all and my feelings to my OH and I burst into tears.

I desperately don’t want to lose the way P2 depends on me not just for food but for comfort. My OH has congratulated me for the amount of time I have breastfed for, but I still feel like by turning to formula that I’m failing.

I’m going to visit my breastfeeding support group tomorrow and for the first time ask for advise. I feel worn out from breastfeeding and from being up every two hours throughout the night and just feel like our time has come to an end or at least will be very shortly. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to still feed her in the evening and at night, but I don’t know how it works.

Will they still produce milk if I only feed in mornings and evenings? How do I combine feed with breast and formula? Am I failing? Am I a terrible mother for even considering taking boobie away from my beautiful baby?

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  1. You produce as much as they take so in theory you should still produce a morning and night amount of milk! Bless. I’m 11 weeks in with my second bubba. Dreading the day when she wants no more:-( I guess I can always have another! Xxxxx

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