“It always feels like we’re rewarding naughty behaviour”

P1 woke up today and she’s clearly decided that she’d push all buttons possible by doing all things she knows she shouldn’t and being rude when I’ve asked her to stop. Jumping on the sofa for one. It’s not because I don’t want her to have fun, it’s because she could fall off and she’s teaching her sister who isn’t as stable.

By the time we were all dressed and ready for our outing as a family, hubby and I had to find every scrap of motivation we had left to actually leave the house. We made it out the door and for the most of the time P1 behaved well.


It was actually really lovely to be out, the weather was humid but the sun was hidden behind clouds making it quite enjoyable. I managed to capture some lovely sibling moments between the girls which nearly had me in tears, blame the hormones, and I’m quite thankful that we did go out despite the behaviour of P1 this morning.


Within minutes of walking through the door P1s naughty behaviour returned. P2 woke up as I transferred her from the car to sofa. We had two children causing chaos, granted it was much worse from P2 but the whole situation left us both with regret.


It completely reinstated my fear for the school holidays. Whenever we treat P1 to something we immediately regret it. It always feels like we’re rewarding naughty behaviour.

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  1. MyLifeAsAMummy (@MyLifeAsAMummyx)

    I feel for you and know exactly where you are coming from. Sometimes you just can’t win! Makes you wonder why you bother to take them out in the first place! I have this all the time with my eldest.

    Thank you for linking up with the #WeekendBlogHop

    Laura x x x

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