“It just cannot be healthy to never sleep through the night”

I sound like a broken record really and I know that but I hope that when I look back on each and every post where I’ve moaned about sleep that I will be at a point where I’m actually getting some decent shut eye and can laugh about these days.

Right now though, I don’t feel like laughing. I feel like running away from bedtime and nighttime. I wish I could fast forward the darkness to the point where the sun rises and we start another day. So far P3 sleeps like a dream, I think I feed her about two or three times during the night and we’ve only had a few nights of absolute torture with her. She’s not the issue.

It’s P2. She’s coming up to being 21 months old and she still doesn’t sleep properly. I could cope if it was just once but it never is just that once. So far tonight, it’s currently 3am, she’s been awake twice. You’d think that’s ok if she went to bed at 7pm but she didn’t. She finally fell asleep at nearly 9:30!

Last night she slept 8ishPM until 6am, then was back to sleep until 8:30am. I think this is where I get so frustrated. Nothing is consistent. Nothing stays the same. It’s not like we have a bad night where she wakes two to four times but can be reassured that she’ll then sleep a 12 hour night for the next few weeks until she’s ill or something.

I’ve had nearly two years of an awful sleep pattern that I honestly feel is slowly killing me. It just cannot be healthy to never sleep through the night for any of us, including P1 who frequently gets disturbed. I just don’t know what there is left to try to get a good night sleep with P2. Although in her defence, the actual going to sleep part of the night has certainly improved and doesn’t tend to take an hour anymore and I don’t have to be laying right next to her.

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  1. Whoever invents the magic solution that makes babies / small children sleep soundly through the night will be a billionaire. I’ve only got one – 9 weeks old – oh but how I miss sleep. Hope something consistent miraculously sets in for you.

  2. I know what you mean about the consistency thing. Mine do sleep most of the night so I can’t complain too much however one morning my 1 year old will be getting me up stupidly early and other mornings I will actually have to wake him up so we can get his brother to nursery on time! Even on them days he is just as grumpy like he is annoyed he forgot to wake up. I don’t know why he can’t just settle for a nice normal time in the middle somewhere . Hope you get some better nights sleep soon x

  3. I was the same at P2s age; obviously things were different then but Mums HV told her to have a stiff drink, man up and lock me in. I screamed for 20mins and that was the last time I ever woke during the night. It’s sort of inspired how I was with O from a young age. He knows he can either go to bed at 7 and make a fuss, or he can chill out and go sleep. He often doesn’t dose off for 30mins or so, but he always goes to bed at 7pm.
    I was told by several health care providers if I ever wanted to have time to myself or just cope in general on my own, I’d have to be firm and not let him dictate me! And it worked!

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      I was like that with P1. We live in an extremely small house with paper thin walls and P2 is extremely stubborn. We’ve tried the crying thing but it just doesn’t work for her. She gets herself in such a state she’s sick.

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