“It was also P3s first time swimming”

This morning we went straight from the school run to the swimming pool. P1 swims every Tuesday morning with her school yet we are shamefully a family that doesn’t really go swimming together. I can’t remember the last time I saw P1 swim but I do remember the last time we took P2. P3 was in my tummy and I kept having to nip to the toilet as I was quite far gone!

We decided to be sneaky and go at the time that we knew P1 would be there with her school so that we could take a peak at her progress. Swimming with more than one child is pretty awkward so I was already in my bikini so that I could focus on getting the girls ready… Hubby is admittedly useless at getting them dressed.

We were in the pool about 5 minutes when out trotted P1 with her class. All happy and excited to see us. Thankfully, the way the pools are, she wouldn’t be able to see us so we knew we wouldn’t be a distraction. It was really nice to see her confidence. She wasn’t wearing armbands and although her friends are much stronger swimmers, P1 is actually doing so well!! I was surprised.

As for the other two. P2’s water confidence has certainly improved. She’s been joining us in the shower for one but at the pool yesterday she trotted in all excited. Splashing the water with her feet. We were the only ones in there so it gave us a little freedom.


It was also P3s first time swimming. The toddler pool is one that slopes down but never gets much deeper than P2s waste. I sat with her on my lap by the edge allowing her feet to dangle in the water. She was kicking, smiling and watching her sister intently. I could feel the vibrations of her “talking” and she was so content. I spent most of the time like this and nearer to the end I dipped her body in and wet her hair slightly. P3 loved it!! Every second of it. Including the getting changed bit!

Every time we go swimming I always make a promise to myself that we need to go more often. It never happens unfortunately.

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  1. It sounds like a great time – I used to love swimming with my family.

    Lizzie Dripping

  2. It sounds like you had a lovely time….So nice that you got the see P1 with her class x

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