“It was an intimate event and the weather was absolutely beautiful”

20140601-041214 pm-58334165.jpgToday was the day of the 5km Buggy Push I arranged to raise money for Bliss, a charity very close to my heart. I’d put up posters in our local Sainsburys and Tesco, my MiL had helped to put posters on the notice boards in various locations, I’d pleaded many times on Twitter, Facebook and our local Mums Facebook page!20140601-041215 pm-58335020.jpgIt was an intimate event and the weather was absolutely beautiful. We saw plenty of deer running about and even P1 managed to walk a little bit. We raised £30 on the walk and I’m very thankful for the donations made through the online page, currently it’s at £55!! So that’s £85 all together which I’m very proud of.20140601-041829 pm-58709399.jpgThe photographer for the Sevenoaks Chronicle showed up and took some photos of us that will hopefully get put in the paper this week to raise awareness for Bliss and I hope it’ll raise a bit more.20140601-041829 pm-58709882.jpgThere’s still plenty of time to donate if you’d like to! Just click here.20140601-041830 pm-58710318.jpg

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  1. nice photos, look like perfect weather for the walk.

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