“It was really chilled and I loved having my Grandad over for the day”

I had my Grandad round yesterday. It was the first time he’s seen the new house so I made sure everything looked tidy.

I’m still finding things a little difficult around him, I don’t know why really, he’s been my absolute world for ever. I think he’s just not the one I actually used to “talk” to all the time, it must have been my Nan and I’ve only truly realised now that she’s gone.
20131030-091341 am.jpgWe took the girls for a walk around the park in Otford which brought back memories for Grandad. We took a walk up to the famous duck pond roundabout. P1 loved it!

We took a walk to P1s school and had a tea/hot chocolate, flapjack and crisps. I then cooked us all a lovely roast chicken dinner. It was really chilled and I loved having my Grandad over for the day. The girls loved it too!
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