“It was traumatic for all involved”

It is just totally upsetting to watch toe exclusively breastfed 8 week old daughter scream, squirm and be so unsettled from her night feeds. This is what happened last night. P3 normally wakes in the evenings from 6ish to 10ish. She’ll usually take a quick 5 minutes or so, we’ll head upstairs where she gets changed and swaddled, she then has a feed laying in our bed and the gets put into her SnuzPod where she drifts off to sleep peacefully by herself. Wakes at 5am for a feed and then back to sleep until 7am.

Last night was anything but peaceful. It was traumatic for all involved and occurred the night we desperately needed to sleep ahead of an early start. She behaved the normal, had a few quick “cat-naps” during the evening and then she was awake widely from about 9pm. I managed to pack our bags and get ready for the morning. I then watched a film and at nearly midnight decided to head to bed. Up until this point she’d been relatively quiet, alert and happy.

Then I tried to feed her, she squirmed throughout her last feed. She wouldn’t be put down in her SnuzPod and was screaming inconsolably. This kind of crying hasn’t happened since she was put on the antibiotics. I persevered, constantly telling myself it couldn’t go on for long before she crashes to sleep.

By 1:30am I decided to take her downstairs so that hubby could sleep. Little did I know that the night hadn’t got into full swing yet. During my attempts to settle her with boobie P3 was extremely upset. She’d suck once, then pull away, suck again and pull away. The whole time screaming.

By 4:20am, just an hour and half before I needed to be getting up and ready, I decided to give her some of the expressed milk I had in a bottle. It was just 2oz. This was her first attempt of bottle feeding and she took it like a dream and fell asleep nearly instantly. I managed to return to bed/SnuzPod and sleep until 6am.

Today, somehow I’ve been surviving on just an hour and half worth of sleep. I woke with red eyes and the dark circles around my eyes are the darkest they’ve ever been!! I haven’t napped today and we’re going into the night in the same fashion as last night. She’s squirming and screaming at my breast but happy to take a bottle of expressed milk. She’s unsettled.

It’s the worst feeling in the world to think my 8 week old baby is potentially nearing the end of her breastfeeding journey. It’s far too early, she’s far too young and I’m far too emotionally attached to our breastfeeding bonding to give it up now. I feel lost and confused. P3 feeds on demand and with no fuss during the day so why is she so distraught at bedtime? Tips and suggestions welcome.


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  1. Could she have a sore throat? This sounds exactly like BB was once when she was ill – the effort required to get milk from the breast hurt her too much, but she was happy with a bottle of expressed milk. It passed in a couple of days – maybe express for a few days and see what happens x

  2. I have no advice but I’m thinking of you and I hope you feel better soon and get through this.

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