“It’s 1996. I’m starring as Mary”

It’s 1996. I’m starring as Mary along side my class mate who is Joseph for the afternoon. I’m wearing a long blue dress that I keep tripping on. Joseph has dropped baby Jesus and the audience of parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles are laughing. I’m nervous and shy as I look out to see my Grandad with his bulky camcorder held up to his face. Recording every slip up, every laugh and every happy moment of my first ever school nativity.

It’s 2013. P1 is starring as a maid for her school nativity “Mend The Manger”. She’s wearing a white top that has been customised by her teacher, black leggings and silver tinsel around her head. She’s sitting on the bench smiling at us and looking a little nervous. P1 actually joins in with all the songs and does many of the actions. Her first nativity is embedded into mine, hubby, my Grandad and MiLs memories and just one picture.

This is what the world has come to. No more keepsakes of nativity videos and school performances. It’s simply a thing of the past which is ironic really. Technology has grown, camcorders are on mobile phones now and hashtags are on tv programmes for goodness sake!!

I completely understand that there are some really nasty, evil people in the world. I’m the last person to even comment on this topic though, my girls are both publicly broadcasted many times each day via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and obviously my blog. I get views from around the world. It’s something I accepted when I chose to be a blogger, even before that when I signed up to Facebook.

One of the first things we were told today was to keep photos off of Facebook. It wasn’t even “don’t take photos” oh no, that was actually allowed but only after the play was over but it was made quite clear that nothing was to go on Facebook or any other social media sites. I had to edit my photo because obviously I don’t want to break any rules but here she is…
20131211-110227 pm.jpgWhy?! Because that’s what I do as a parent blogger. I blog about my life and our achievements as a family! Stuff you, stupid nasty evil humans out there who prevent us normal people to enjoy our children without rules and regulations.

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