“It’s a precious moment of the day”

I’ve come to the very harsh conclusion that my evenings cannot be spent hugging my baby girl any more. I knew this and have known for a long time but it was working so well for us.

P1 and P2 went to bed by 7pm and then P3 had her bottle and we snuggled down on the sofa or armchair for the rest of the evening. She’d stir briefly without opening her eyes and I’d give her some more milk. Then we’d head upstairs for bed at 10pm ish and she wouldn’t wake until 4/5am. I’ve enjoyed our routine. It made me feel like she was safe knowing that she was in my arms and not upstairs where I couldn’t see her or hear her.

night photo

However, she’s getting older and her routine is changing now. For the past three nights it’s gone the same up until when we head to bed. She wakes and is awake for 40 minutes or so, chatting and having cuddles from hubby. It’s a precious moment of the day but it’s becoming exhausting as I go to bed to sleep, not be up for an extra hour.

Does your baby sleep upstairs in their cot during the evenings?


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  1. I wish! Baby Girl is put to bed with her big sister at around 7pm and settles herself to sleep, but then she’s up anything from two to four times before I finally go to bed at 10.30 / 11pm. Some nights we bring her downstairs so she can snooze on us but when I have a mountain of work to do it’s not always possible. I do love the cuddles though.

  2. Elsa goes to bed in her cot now but she gets in with me soon after I go to bed. She’s pretty good at settling back down afterwards but sometimes it does become a bit of a pain when I am trying to go to sleep and she has decided she’s wide awake and wants to crawl all over me!

  3. Elizabeth Rebecca

    It is so lovely that she wants to babble away to you though 🙂

    Lizzie Dripping

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