It’s All Gone!!!

I seem to have lost all motivation or nesting instincts since the arrival of P2.

I’d much rather sit and watch episode after episode of CSI than load the dishwasher or sort through clothes! I’m angry fuming at myself. I desperately want to tidy up but I just cannot be bothered!!!! It’s always another day situation.

I know it’s annoying my OH because it’s annoying me. I need to pick myself up and get on with some chores.

This is P2s cot aka dumping area. It’s full of the clothes I turfed out the under storage drawer – the clothes I was meant to sort out last week. We need more storage or more space? This is why I desperately want to move out.

Yup, I’m a disgrace to the term “Stay at home mum”. Stay at home mums are meant to do the cooking, cleaning, looking after the children etc etc. What do I do? Well ok, I look after the children and I throw some frozen food in the oven… But where’s the rest of it?! I’m a woman… I’m meant to naturally be able to do this stuff.

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