“It’s been a really long week that seems to have gone by in a bleary eyed blur”

It’s been a really long week that seems to have gone by in a bleary eyed blur. I haven’t had any energy to exercise, I’ve been snacking on biscuits and spending most of the day on the sofa catching up with blog bits and bobs whilst meeting the demands of the little people.

I really don’t know how I’m standing still. Breathing. I wake up longing to be able to stay in bed that little bit longer, yet dreading for it to be bedtime again. I’m spending every night wishing for the sun to rise again. You see I’ve been a human yo-yo this week and I truly believe I’ve spent more time out of my bed during the night that actually in it.


As I spoke about a few days ago, P2 has been experiencing night terrors. I think it’s linked with her sudden drop of the day nap. This was not my decision or hubby’s and in fact I’m utterly gutted to have lost the tiny amount of my day for a break as P3 used to sleep at the same time too. They say good day naps are the key to good night sleep and I’m experiencing and understanding that this week. P2 has gone back to waking twice/three times a night demanding milk and literally not settling until she gets it. Obviously at 11pm when I’ve just dozed off or 3am I’m in no fit state to argue and anything goes for me to be back in my bed asleep.

Then there’s P3 who has suddenly gone from waking once or twice, to waking 4-6 times or every half hour. She seems to take comfort from the bottle too and clearly hates her cot! Unfortunately I also think she hates the SnuzPod as she’s very much squished now.

I’ve had no motivation for anything. The house is barely tidy and I have so many clothes to put away. I need a break, just a few hours to either completely sort this house out or sleep. I really don’t know what id choose.

Through all the screaming P1 manages to sleep through every night. At least I got one thing right!!


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  1. Elizabeth Rebecca

    I hope next week goes better for you.

    Lizzie Dripping

  2. Oh that is tough – sleep deprivation is seriously wearing – just let everything else wait while you get through it and hopefully – fingers crossed- the good sleep will come back soon!

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