“It’s been exactly a week since I last hugged my biggest daughter”

It’s been exactly a week since I last hugged my biggest daughter. I waved P1 off with my Grandad, her Great-Grandad, for 9 days away with him, my Mum, step-dad and brother. They’re currently staying in one of my favourite holiday destinations and generally a place I’ve dreamed of living myself, Gloucester.

I wrote about how I felt I would feel when she went last week. Life here has been really quiet without P1, I haven’t shouted once, I haven’t had a battle at bedtime and I haven’t had to referee any sibling wars. I’m guiltly going to say that the change has been quite nice. It feels more relaxed and chilled out here.

I am missing P1. More than anything. I’m actually missing doing all of the above as that is our normal. I miss being able to have a proper conversation that doesn’t involve Topsy and Tim or Peppa Pig. Having P1 not here has made me realise how much time I don’t get to spend with her on her own.

Seeing the pictures of her days out this week and FaceTimeing her each day has made me feel quite jealous and pleased all at once. I want to do those things with P1. I want to do them with all my girls as a family. I have also realised that I do need to spend more one to one time with each of my daughters because it’s important.

P2 misses her big sister and keeps asking her to come back so she can play. P3 has calmed down on her demands and is normal now we are in a new routine as such. I am counting down the days until I get to hug that skinny little bundle of naughty. It’s lovely that this day and age we have things like FaceTime though. It’s helped P2 and it’s helped me. Although P1 spends most of the time spinning us around each room where she’s so excited wanting to show us each room and under each bed. She seems to have grown up so much in just one week.

Here’s some of the photos that I’ve been sent of P1s week so far. Doesn’t she look happy?

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  1. (Mostly) Yummy Mummy

    I’m sure she’s having a ball! I’ve never been apart from any of mine for more than a night or two so I can’t imagine just how much you must be missing her x

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      P1 has been lucky to have many holidays with her grandparents over the six years so I’ve definitely adjusted to it but I think this is the longest time I’ve not seen her.

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