It’s Completely And Utterly ON!!

I’ve dropped hints in a little recently. But I now have permission to inform you that our wedding is on. We are getting married in 2013!!!!! This year.

Can you tell I’m just a little excited.

We’ve decided that no matter how little or how much money we put into our wedding it will always be the same end result… We’ll be married and I’ll be a Mrs. I’ll lose my awkward double-barrelled surname. And we will be a proper family.

My OH is leaving me to have full rein of organising it all. Which is fantastic because if I left things with him it’ll be done two weeks before the big day. A man thing. All I have to do is put things by him and away we go.

It’s so exciting but there’s so much that needs doing. I’ve got the venue and date sorted, just need to hear back from the reception venue and then I can start sorting invites.

I’m going dress shopping with my Nan this Wednesday as she’s kindly offered to buy my dress. Which the budget being “as long as you are happy

Yay!!! I hope you will join me in my wedding planning journey and I’d love you to offer any tips for a small wedding?!

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